Marshall Christian School is ACSI and AdvancED (SACS) accredited in grades K-12. We also have a rigorous preschool program for children ages 2-4.   We are currently enrolling students of all ages for the fall.

1631 Brashers Chapel Road
Albertville, AL 35951
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Mission Statement

Marshall Christian School exists to partner with Christian parents to provide quality Christian education and to prepare students for a lifetime of fruitful Christian service. 
2018-2019 Tuition Rates

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About MCS

Founded in 2006

Marshall Christian School

Marshall Christian School opened in August 2006 with Kindergarten through 4th grade.  At least one grade has been added each year.  K2-K4 classes were added in 2008.  The first graduating class was the class of 2014.  MCS offers early morning and after school care, a great sports program, daily Bible lessons, and challenging academics taught from a Biblical perspective.  This year we are partnering with Lake Guntersville Music Academy to offer our elementary students a quality music program.

How Marshall Christian was Born

The birth of MCS originated in a booth at the Food Basket restaurant in Albertville when three men associated with Brashers Chapel Church sat down for lunch.  Attending that meeting that day were former pastors of Brashers Chapel, Michael Hollingsworth, and Bobby Bentley, and Wade Morrow, Chairman of the Deacons at Brashers Chapel.  It was determined by these three men that a fully accredited kindergarten through twelfth grade Christian school not only could exit in Marshall County, but that it should exist.  

Through the church's history there had been a strong desire to one day sponsor a Christian school.  The idea was not new to the church, but the timing suddenly felt right.  After prayer and discussion with the leaders of Brashers Chapel, the idea was presented to the body of the church and approval was made to begin what is now known as Marshall Christian School.  
Facility Features

The construction of the first phase of MCS was completed in 2006, as shown in the photo above.  The facility has 16 new classrooms, a science lab, a gym, lunchroom, playground, and large field for play that is currently engaged in a long-term project to become a baseball field.  Classrooms are wired to have computers, phones, and television.  A continuous school improvement plan ensures that growth is guided.  We are currently developing plans that will lead breaking ground on a new facility for our high school.  

Michael Hollingsworth was elected as an associate pastor in charge of the school project.  After the initial school board was selected, work was begun on setting the standards of excellence now enjoyed by over 200 students each day.  It was determined that if we were to have a school, excellence would be the standard in decision making.  The teachers would be ACSI certified, the curriculum challenging, accreditation would be achieved, and above all, Christ would be exalted in the classroom.  All of these things have come to pass by God's grace and provision.  

After helping Marshall Christian in its infancy, Michael Hollingsworth stepped away from MCS due to other commitments, but his leadership, encouragement, and generosity is still very evident to this day.  God used Bro. Mike as a catalyst for tremendous work in Christian Education.

​Wade Morrow remains in his position at Brashers Chapel Church and current Pastor Steve Stewart is on board and both are active in continuing the dream of Marshall Christian Academy.