Marshall Christian School is ACSI and AdvancED (SACS) accredited in grades K-12. We also have a rigorous preschool program for children ages 2-4.   We are currently enrolling students of all ages for the fall.

1631 Brashers Chapel Road
Albertville, AL 35951
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Mission Statement

Marshall Christian School exists to partner with Christian parents to provide quality Christian education and to prepare students for a lifetime of fruitful Christian service. 
2018-2019 Tuition Rates

ACSI Scholarship Granting Orgnanization: Children's Tuition Fund of Alabama.  Click here to donate or apply for the scholarship

At MCS we evaluate what we teach, how we teach, what we use, and ensure that our students can are competitive and have the credits to meet or exceed state standards.  Look below to see some of materials we use to support our instruction.  

  1. Foundations & Frameworks

    Foundations & Frameworks

    Instructional Reading Program (Grades 1-6) Foundations & Frameworks is a uniquely designed instructional reading program developed at Briarwood Christian School. Since its introduction in 2001, Foundations & Frameworks, which is informed by the science of learning and the brain, has been implemented in an increasing number of national and international schools. Studies using standardized measures support its benefits to learners indicating growth in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking. Foundations & Framesworks incorporates research-based strategies into an instructional framework enabling the best practices of reading instruction. Reading is approached teaching specific skills with high-quality literature. *Information above from Foundations & Frameworks website
  2. Purposeful Design Math & Spelling

    Purposeful Design Math & Spelling

    We do not teach Common Core at MCS. Grades K-6 are taught math skills with ACSI's Purposeful Design math curriculum. Spelling is used in grades 1-6. Math: Students will receive instruction with hands-on activities, conceptual understanding, problem solving, application, modeling, reasoning, and strands of algebra and geometry from a Christian perspective. It is rigorous and challenging. Spelling: Purposeful Design spelling is challenging and provides students with word analysis, vocabulary, word study strategies, and writing. Younger students receive phonics instruction and start with 12 word lists and end with 25 word lists in sixth grade.
  3. Abeka


    We use a variety of Abeka materials at MCS. Currently all Bible curricula from Abeka are used in preschool through high school. In addition, preschool through third grade use Abeka phonics. All science, health, and history are Abeka as well. All Abeka texts including challenging academics and a biblical worldview.
  4. Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Math

    Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Math

    Once students enter seventh grade, they begin using Glencoe/McGraw-Hill mathematics texts. Students take Pre-Algebra in 7th grade, and advance from there. When enrollment warrants it, Marshall Christian strives to provide advanced math courses to challenge students. Our goal is to equip students with the skills necessary to be competitive for college entrance and scholarships.